8 Best Fitness Channels on Youtube

“Tomorrow Never Comes”

This popular phrase perfectly sums up the dilemma faced by most people. Everyone wants to go to the gym/ dance class/ yoga class, but there is no time and energy left after a hectic day.


Here is a description of some of the best YouTube channels dedicated to fitness and good health. These channels offer a vast number of videos to choose from, which you can use to perform many different types of physical exercises.

We know that every person is different, so we have compiled here after thorough research, a list of YouTube channels that are currently trending globally. These channels will help you get in shape and remain so.


About the Channel: Lumowell is an online fitness channel designed to suit the fitness needs of people of both genders and various age groups. This YouTube channel has a plethora of videos on easy home based workout for every body type. youtube-fitness-channel-lumowell

Body toning, fat reduction, muscle building, you name it and Lumowell has it for you. Not a single body part has been left out when the workout videos were been designed for Lumowell. There is something for everyone here, so welcome to the world of Lumowell!! Moreover, the channel keeps on adding useful videos for benefit of subscribers.

Subscribers: The channel has over 500,000 subscribers and the number just keeps on increasing day by day.

Why Lumowell?

Here is why Lumowell is the best YouTube channel for you:

  • There are videos focusing exclusively on particular groups of muscles. This is beneficial for people who require toning and building of only certain body muscles.
  • Videos of variable time lengths; ranging from less than 10 mins to over an hour are available on the website.
  • Various styles of workout are demonstrated at a moderate pace, giving the user enough time to learn and perform the workout.
  • A countdown timer is displayed on the screen for users’ convenience.
  • There is a small time interval between 2 consecutive exercises which allows you to catch your breath before proceeding with the workout.

Visit the YouTube channel and online website of Lumowell for more details and enjoy a healthy and exhilarating workout.

YouTube channel.

Popsugar Fitness

About the Channel: Popsugar is a popular website which is a library to a hoard of informative articles on various subjects like food, fashion beauty etc.

Popsugar has a YouTube channel dedicated to various aspects of fitness. This immensely popular fitness channel is a hit among youngsters for all the right reasons. Featuring fitness videos of various certified fitness trainers, this video channel has garnered global attention for being user friendly. Separate videos for female and male workout as well as unisex workout videos can be found on this YouTube channel. youtube-fitness-channel-of-popsugar-fitness

Subscribers: Popsugar Fitness has over a million subscribers and the numbers are always increasing.

Why Popsugar Fitness?

Read more to know why Popsugar Fitness is what you have been looking for all this while:

  • Videos of less than a minute’s duration, to videos running for over an hour; this is the wide time frame covered by Popsugar Fitness. Depending on how much time do you have for workout, you can take your pick.
  • Simple exercises that can be easily done at home are demonstrated physically as well as explained verbally.
  • GLOW is a special feature of this YouTube channel which offers videos of healthy and tasty recipes. After all, what is a good workout worth, if it is not coupled by a healthy diet???
  • Demonstration of various exercises using simple gym equipment like dumbbells is provided in the videos. These videos are helpful to those who have a gym set up at their residence and prefer working out in the comfort of their home.
  • There are several videos of zumba and other dance forms which provide good physical exercise. If you get bored of the mundane exercise routine, a good dance workout will help you get fit as well as cut through the daily boredom of same workout.

Please follow the links below to visit the YouTube channel of Popsugar Fitness.



About the Channel: FitnessBlender is an online heaven for the fitness freaks and gym enthusiasts. This channel has a vast library of videos dedicated to fitness, which demonstrate various types of exercises, including full body workout and individual muscle exercises. Daniel and Kelly are the enthusiastic husband-wife duo who are the brain behind this awesome fitness concept. fitnessblender-youtube-channel

Subscribers: FitnessBlender has more than 4 million subscribers till date.

Why FitnessBlender?

The highlights of FitnessBlender which help the channel garner tremendous viewership are as follows:

  • The videos are user friendly and convey encouragement to perform a healthy workout, along with instructions on how to perform the workout.
  • Every step of each exercise is described in detail verbally and also demonstrated in the video. This makes it easier for the viewer to learn and perform the exercises well.
  • Several videos are dedicated towards workout challenges which encourage the viewer to achieve specific fitness goals within a pre-determined time.
  • As the range of videos available is vast, viewers can select a video which suits their fitness requirement and also fits within the time they can afford to spend on workout daily.
  • There are videos of various innovative food recipes that are a perfect combination of taste, health and quick cooking.

What more reason do you need to check out this amazing YouTube channel?? Visit the channel by following the link given below. There is also a website by the same name, featuring additional attractions which allows you to plan your food intake of the entire month with the help of certified nutritionists.


About the Channel: is one of the most popular fitness channels on YouTube. This channel has kept its focus centered on muscle health rather than just weight loss. The determination and perfect toned muscles of the fitness trainers who demonstrate various exercises in the videos are bound to inspire you to workout more diligently. youtube-fitness-channel-bodybuilding

Subscribers: has a whopping 2 million followers and the number grows steadily everyday.


  • True to its name, is meant for those you are looking forward to increase their muscle mass and tone their bodies.
  • The videos display how to perform various types of exercises using weights and other gym equipment. portrays in the best manner, why muscle building is as important as shedding flab while toning your body.
  • There are informative videos about various products of such as whey proteins, that help in increasing muscle mass adequately.
  • Various quick and tasty recipes that are low on unhealthy calories and high on nutrition, which will keep your tummy full for a long time are also available.
  • helps shatter the stereotypes that bulging biceps are a man’s pride. This channel has many videos of female fitness trainers and fitness enthusiasts lifting weights and showing how to develop toned muscles with as much confidence and style as men.

Liked what you read? Explore this channel by following the link given below.



About the Channel: Blogilates is an online fitness channel managed and hosted by Cassey Ho, who herself is a fitness expert. She features in most of the videos on her YouTube channel, where she demonstrates various forms of physical exercises. The channel is a hit with youngsters and has grabbed eyeballs from all over the globe. It is one of the most favored and visited YouTube channel by those who are short of time and cannot visit the gym. youtube-blogilates-fitness-channel

Subscribers: The channel has an ever increasing number of followers and subscribers and the current number of subscribers is 4 million.

Why Blogilates?

The USP of this YouTube channel is:

  • The videos are self explanatory and include simple exercises that can be easily performed at home. All you need is a will to get fit and a good amount of enthusiasm.
  • The videos are made more fun by the encouraging style with which Cassey speaks and motivates viewers to work harder towards physical fitness.
  • There are many videos which demonstrate exercises that can be done without any fancy gym equipment.
  • Cassey Ho’s channel features videos of healthy options for breakfast, snacks or meals, Along with the ingredients of the dish, its calorie content is also displayed, giving you an idea about what you are eating.
  • There are many videos concentrating on full body workout as well as individual muscle workout separately.

Do you want to see more of this channel? Follow the link given below to explore the YouTube channel of Blogilates.



About the Channel: HASfit is a YouTube channel promoting physical fitness and encouraging people to indulge into some form of exercise on a regular basis. This channel is managed by Kozak and Claudia who are certified fitness trainers. The channel includes several videos with Kozak and Claudia demonstrating a variety of physical exercises for the benefit of viewers. top-fitness-channel-HASfit

Subscribers: The channel has over 600,000 subscribers and the numbers are ever increasing.

Why HASfit?

  • Videos ranging from less than 15 minutes to over an hour are available on the channel. Viewers can avail the benefit of any video which suits the time they can devote to exercise.
  • A timer and a calorie counter are constantly displayed in one corner of the video, giving the patient an idea about the number of calories burnt in a specific time period.
  • Kozak and Claudia include words of encouragement along with instructions of how to perform a particular exercise. This helps the viewers remain motivated and achieve their fitness goals easily.
  • The exercises which are demonstrated in the videos can be performed easily at home with little or no gym equipment. The most that will be needed are weights or a workout kettle.
  • A warm up routine is included before each exercise video, which helps to avoid muscle injuries during the workout.

Visit the YouTube channel by following the link below to watch more videos and embark on your journey to get fit.


Goodhealth 24/7

About the Channel: Goodhealth 24/7 is a YouTube channel dedicated to developing and maintaining a healthy physique. There is something for everyone who is looking to get fit and remain healthy. This channel has become an instant hit with people of all age groups due to the diversity of videos included. goodhealth-247-fitness-channel

Subscribers: Goodhealth 24/7 has over 500,000 subscribers and the number is on the rise always.

Why Goodhealth 24/7?

  • Videos covering a variety of physical exercises from aerobics to yoga are present on this YouTube channel.
  • There are videos portraying many fitness experts, showing the audience ways to achieve a perfect physique and good health.
  • Videos promoting the benefits of healthy eating are available to educate people on the importance of diet.
  • The channel also has videos which will help viewers to learn about various physical workouts that help in maintaining mental well being.
  • Goodhealth 24/7 has plenty of videos for every age group on the technique and importance of meditation.

This channel is a one stop shop for every aspect of health, physical as well as mental. For more interesting information, follow the link given below and visit the YouTube channel.


Yoga with Adrienne

About the ChannelYoga is one of the most ancient forms of physical exercises and has its origin in India. Today, it has achieved global fame and is practised by as many foreigners as Indians. One such person is Adrienne who is a certified yoga trainer and promotes ancient Indian art. She has her own YouTube channel which has garnered commendable response all over the world. youtube-fitness-yoga-with-adrienne

Subscribers: Yoga with Adrienne has a whopping 5 million followers and the numbers just keep growing each day.

Why Yoga with Adrienne?

  • The channel has a number of videos teaching all forms of yoga to anyone who wishes to learn.
  • The levels of difficulty can be chosen depending on how well versed a person is or how willing he/she is about learning yoga.
  • There are separate videos teaching expecting mothers about the correct technique of practising yoga during pregnancy.
  • Exciting stuff like yoga challenges, set fixed tasks for the viewer which they have to achieve in a specific time span. These interesting things make the channel more appealing to public.
  • Various yoga postures and asanas are demonstrated, which can be easily performed at home, without the need for any fancy gym equipment.

Visit the YouTube channel by following below link. Know more about the benefits of Yoga here.


Did you find this information useful?? Stay tuned to because a lot more is yet to come, about physical and mental fitness.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, people barely have time to visit the gym, but on the other hand, fitness is a must too. This is when online help and information about fitness comes handy. So do read our articles on the top online websites and mobile apps dedicated to physical and mental fitness and avail great benefits.

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