Courses and Career Options for Retired Personnel

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Today your dear Advice Uncle would like to dedicate this post to those wonderful libraries of experience who have given many years of their lives in supporting their families and holding them together.

This post is for those people who have served in various organizations and contributed to their success in innumerable ways till retirement.

If we open our dictionary to search for the meaning of the word ‘retirement,’ it simply states –

“The action or fact of leaving one’s job and ceasing to work.”

A pertinent matter to be considered here is that, retirement is a process that is easier said than done. For most of the people who are in the ‘twilight years’ of their careers, retirement is a huge change. It is that change which has the ability to impact not only their daily routines but also the way they will see themselves and the world in the years to follow.

A ‘retired’ professional has new challenges to tackle. A new routine coupled with a rather quieter life. The very thought of retirement makes the a person doubt his/her usefulness and worth, which is natural. Their children may be all grown up and running after their own lives while their spouses might still be working.


Whoa! That’s a bit too much to digest now, isn’t it? All these years, we cocoon ourselves in our comfort zone of a stable career, smooth family and social life, and everything familiar. But retirement has the potential to throw us off track completely.

As much as our preparation for this event in our life is concerned, there are still things that can be totally unexpected.

But retirement is not the end…It is just the beginning!
Yes! Retirement is not the end. It is a second chance, an opportunity, to create something new.
But, how does one begin? What should one do? And what not to do?

Here is a ready- reckoner from dear Advice Uncle to help you with your new journey of searching the right vocation along with relevant educational courses for you, after retirement.

Let’s begin our tour of post-retirement options right away!

Learn it Right, Do it Right – What Career Options and Courses are Good for the Retired Person?

Become a Yoga Trainer & Expert – Make Good Health Your Way of Living

Yoga is the art and science which helps in the making of a ‘balanced person,’ from a physical, mental and spiritual standpoint. It harnesses the power of various vital faculties of the body and paves the way to better physical health and mental stability.

A busy life or ‘the sense of it,’ often renders our health weak, be it physically or mentally.
So how about combining the power of great health with a novel way of making a living? Becoming a yoga instructor will help you in just that!

With high emphasis on alternative medicine and healthcare, the legacy of the ancient philosophy of Yoga continues to thrive among the masses.

How do I Become a Yoga Instructor?

  • You can enjoy a fruitful learning process by enrolling in ‘Yoga retreats’ which teach aspiring trainers through intensive programs spanning from 200-500 hours. Of late, the State of Uttarakhand has become one of the popular destinations for learning Yoga, even internationally.
  • If you want to learn nuances of Yoga at a more intricate level, then there are courses ranging from simple certificate levels to advanced diplomas. Most of these courses have the mandatory prerequisite of being educated at 10+2 level, whereas some courses may require a graduate degree.
  • While hunting for the right Yoga teacher training program, do consider factors like affiliation, course content, accommodation, and reviews, before making an informed choice.

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