Because Education Isn’t Just Books

Gone are the days when books were our only best friends. Gone is the time when schools and colleges were destinations for studies.

As John Dewey rightly said,

Education is not preparation for life
Education is life itself…


Learning is a never ending process. Learning is a journey. And with AdviceUncle, this journey is sure to be a fun ride! With AdviceUncle, explore education in a way different than ordinary. Education is a way to make our lives better, not limited to earning a tag. Education which empowers us to create amazing from simple. Knowledge which helps us make satisfying lives more than mere livelihoods.

The poet Robert Frost, once wrote,

I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference…

Education today is boundless, with sky as the limit. With dear Uncle’s Advice, you can chose what course you think is best for you, what makes you happy and yes, makes you capable (both emotionally and financially) of realizing your dreams.

Are you confused, lost and have trouble finding the right direction???

From medicine, engineering, business and management to marine biology, music, hospitality, scuba diving, digital agriculture and archaeology, AdviceUncle is here to clarify on all questions that pop into your mind. You have curiosity, we have food for thought.


AdviceUncle understands your dilemmas…

  • Where do I study what I really wish to learn?
  • How and where can I hone my talents?
  • I have completed a certain educational qualification. What next??
  • I am a qualified doctor. But I wish to do event management. How???

And many more..

If you don’t find your answer here, let AdviceUncle know! We are here to find solutions, and a curious mind is our guest of honor.

Your dear Uncle here has a little something for you –

Want to know something interesting? The dreaded intelligence quotient or ‘IQ’ is no longer the sole test for measuring your brainpower. Many years of research have shown that intelligence exists in not one, but nine different ways!!

Many people have succeeded wonderfully in their lives because they CHOSE to follow their passions and run after their dreams.

What’s your thing? Have a look here:

  • Naturalist
    How can we tell which is our favorite car? How do we know that this pizza looks more tempting than the other? Thanks to this ability, we can differentiate one thing from another. Advertisement companies are well known to create such images which can touch our ‘naturalist’ sense.
  • Musical
    Ah, when the melodious tunes of our favorite song fill us with a feeling of warmth. Or the rhythmic beats of certain numbers set our feet tapping in a disco, all thanks to our musical ability. Rhythm, pitch, tone and many such qualities of sound are well differentiated by singers, musicians and composers.
  • Logical-mathematical
    Patterns, permutations, combinations, mathematics and calculations. If you have the ‘knack to crack,’ then this one is for you!


    For such people, numbers are not random and no random lacks pattern. Even the great Sherlock Holmes was a master of logical reasoning and deduction.

  • Existential
    Curiosity has no limits. Since consciousness came into being, we have always wondered the reason of life, the cause of our existence. Deep thinkers possess the valuable gift of this talent to think.
  • Interpersonal
    Motivational speakers just instinctively know how to strike a chord with you. The salesperson at our favorite store can smartly sell us the product we never thought of buying in the first place. People with strong interpersonal skills are efficient at interpreting body language, understanding our current state of mind and utilizing their flawless communication skills to motivate us.
  • Bodily-kinesthetic
    The skills to use objects and physical ability to complete a task. Many dancers, athletes and surgeons are well versed in utilizing this talent to the best of their advantage. This ability is a good example of mind-body coordination used at optimum.
  • Linguistic
    Research says that being a multilingual has its own benefits.

    Focus and Education

    It boosts memory and learning and helps establish new connections in the brain. If you are lover of storytelling, playing word games, crosswords, writing and learning new languages, rest assured you will never fall short of words at any time.

  • Intra-personal
    It is said that the one who knows himself, knows it all. It is the capacity of an individual to understand him/her, their thoughts, feelings and emotions. With such a deep introspection, such people can use these abilities to accomplish things. Philosophers, psychologists and intellectuals possess this ability.
  • Spatial
    Simply put, this is 3D visual thinking. Using this knowledge, people can understand how to put things in ‘perspective,’ like the great artist Michelangelo, or architects who design breathtaking buildings. Trekkers and mountaineers who live to hike use maps and compasses to chart out a route for themselves, without actually having ever been there.

So, the bright mathematical genius in your neighborhood is not the only smart guy around.


Look deep inside yourself. What motivates you? What challenges you?

Education for All

Ask your questions and AdviceUncle will always be there in your journey. Stay tuned with Advice Uncle and explore a multitude of options. Because this is With YOU. For YOU.

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